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Engage the largest audience of researcher professionals and market research buyers with GreenBook’s Marketing Programs

GreenBook has established a strong leadership position within the market research industry by producing and sharing original content of great interest to researchers.

We are reaching your target audience using multiple media and events, such as the GreenBook Directory, the GreenBook Blog, webinars, GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT), or the Insight Innovation eXchange series of international conferences.


By combining our access to an engaged audience with marketing know-how and technology, GreenBook offers marketing services that produce results: qualified leads, increased brand awareness, and client engagement.


At the core of our marketing platform is the GreenBook Directory, aggregating and integrating various marketing content into rich and searchable company profiles.


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GreenBook Directory

Tens of thousands of research buyers use the GreenBook Directory to compare and evaluate detailed profiles of over 1500 market research suppliers, facilities, and consultants.


GreenBook Blog

Thanks to original and informed editorial, the GreenBook Blog is one of the most respected resources for market researchers, attracting over 30,000 monthly readers. Dozens of guest contributors focus on all aspects of marketing research and consumer insights.


GreenBook e-Newsletter

GreenBook Market Research e-Newsletter highlights articles from the GreenBook Blog and important industry events. Helping busy researchers save time, the bi-weekly newsletter reaches over 32,000 subscribers.

Insight Innovation eXchange

The Insight Innovation eXchange conferences bring together leaders of the most innovative research providers with representatives of major client organizations. They come to IIeX to meet potential partners and discover the next generation of insights solutions.


GreenBook Webinar Program

Hundreds of researchers and marketers attend GreenBook Webinars to get up to date on the latest in our industry. Organizations leverage webinars to generate visibility, connect with key prospects, and to position themselves as thought leaders.

GRIT Report

Twice a year, the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey takes the pulse of market research, becoming THE benchmark against which the industry measures its progress and evolution.


Email Marketing Program

GreenBook can promote all your content (white papers, case studies, etc.) and initiatives through dedicated email blasts to over 80,000 marketing and insights professionals, clients and suppliers.


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