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Market research companies providing professional ethnic market research expertise about people who share a common language, culture, traits or characteristics. Find a firm to conduct ethnographic research guided by expert market research consultants.

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Ebony Systems
Ebony Systems

Multicultural Ethnic Research,qualitative and quantitative research, data collection and project management, Online focus groups and Surveys.

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GfK is the trusted source of relevant market and consumer information that enables its clients to make smarter decisions.

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Hispanic America is a Powerful Growing Market Hispanic America is a Powerful Growing Market

Jessica Castro, Hispanic Focus Group Moderator, Mindspot Research

Hispanics are a powerful growing market with cultural sustainability and this is one of the key factors that changes how you reach and market to Hispanics. Traditional first generation marketing may not be appropriate - Hispanic Acculturation Models can help you understand better who your audience is and how to communicate in a relevant way.

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Afro Punk - The Newest Emerging African American Identity Afro Punk - The Newest Emerging African American Identity

Glenn Weissman, VP Business Development & Marketing, Ebony Systems

As American marketers, we love to segment populations, and assign definitions and labels to reflect those segments. Segmentation enables us to drill down identities to a minute and finite level in order to tailor marketing initiatives to micro levels in the hope of increasing response, enabling conversions and motivating people to take a particular action.

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When Psychology and Ethnicity Meet

Karen Landmann, Landmann Consulting

Much has been written about the advantages to taking a psychological approach to qualitative market research. As well, there are many companies out there who specialize in “ethnic” market research. But what happens when the two intersect?

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