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Market research companies that specialize in data tabulation services. See providers of services to sum question responses by total sample. Cross tabulations follow where responses to each questions are summed by sub-samples to determine their relationship to the total sample and each other.

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SSI ( is the premier global provider of data solutions and technology for consumer and B2B survey research.

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TabTech, Inc.

Data processing for survey market research using QUANTUM CROSSTAB SYSTEM. SPSS database creation, cross-tabs, data editing, weighting, etc.

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CatalystMR specializes full service research, online & mobile survey programming, hosting, consumer & B2B panel, & panel community developments.

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Simply put, bad information begets bad decisions. Using inaccurate data as an information source puts you at risk for making the wrong decision. The importance of data verification is fundamental to all business and scientific practices, and has been the subject of many conferences and discussion groups. Yes Virginia, paper surveys are still alive and verification practices are an integral part of assuring high quality data capture.

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