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Companies that offer ethnic market research services related to Hispanics / Latinos. Review and compare vendors able to conduct a research project with Hispanic / Latino respondents.

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Synergia is a full service research firm (quantitative and qualitative) specializing in the Hispanic and Multicultural consumer markets.

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MGZ Research

Hispanic Qualitative Research Consultant bilingual/ bicultural, 25 + years in market research. Education and research experience in U.S.&Latin America

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US Latinos and Innovation in Qualitative Research US Latinos and Innovation in Qualitative Research

Isabel Aneyba, QRCA

Authentic, innovative research shows us how products fit into the consumers’ lives and what those products mean to them. Understanding the US-Hispanic family relation is a way to see who they are; in turn US companies can seize new market opportunities.

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When Psychology and Ethnicity Meet

Karen Landmann, Landmann Consulting

Much has been written about the advantages to taking a psychological approach to qualitative market research. As well, there are many companies out there who specialize in “ethnic” market research. But what happens when the two intersect?

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The Powerful Minority: The Financial Importance of the US Hispanic Population


With the Hispanic population growing in size and strength, their numbers could help determine the success or failure of a brand. The best way to tap into this rapidly growing and lucrative market is to ensure that all products, services, and promotional materials have been fully localized for Hispanic consumption.

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Stop the Latino Apathy and Become an American Participant! Stop the Latino Apathy and Become an American Participant!

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Voter turnout among Latinos has increased but is still not close to that of other groups. The main problem affecting Latino participation in U.S. politics is rooted on social indifference and political apathy. This article explores the reasons behind this Latino indifference and demonstrates how successes in Latino political leadership are driving Hispanics to finally engage in the U.S. social and political arena.

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Questions Of Validity In Hispanic Survey Research

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

"Proven" survey methods for general market studies may yield invalid research data when used on the Latino population. This article describes survey research methodologies and questionaire design that will more effectively obtain the Latino opinion.

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Latinos Communicate at a Spiritual Level

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Latinos seek emotional connection in almost every daily interaction. This insight can be applied to interviewing techniques and marketing methods, as described in this article by Ricardo Lopez.

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Non-Verbal Latino Communication & Social Networking

Ricardo López, Hispanic Research, Inc.

Latinos prefer to interact at an emotional or spiritual level. How does this communication style work in the digital world of social networking? This article examines this topic and proposes ideas for effective online market research in the Latino population.

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