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Find companies that conduct hybrid research. Hybrid research is generally the combination of any two or more techniques applied concurrently within the same study, but also applies to new techniques that blend aspects of qualitative and quantitative approaches into a single new technique.

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Hybrid full service research featuring sophisticated techniques for design, analysis and visualization + consultation. Work directly with principals.

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Qualvu leverages video-based research, in-home, in-store, on-the-go, to help our clients find their truth.

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QuestBack offers panel, community and feedback management solutions that drive loyalty, product innovation, and marketing reach.

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Personas Personas


Developing personas to supplement and give depth to traditional research results provides companies with a better platform for successful, consumer-driven concept development, design, and marketing strategies.

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The Research Path to Uncovering Consumers’ Deeper Thoughts The Research Path to Uncovering Consumers’ Deeper Thoughts

iModerate Research Technologies

Market researchers ultimately want to understand what drives consumers’ thinking, feelings, actions and decision making. While there are countless techniques and methodologies for accomplishing this, in the field of qualitative research, there is one absolute truth – in order to understand what consumers think, you must understand how consumers think.

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Capturing Customer Experience in the Mobile World...Instantly Capturing Customer Experience in the Mobile World...Instantly


The advanced capabilities of mobile devices today empower companies to engage customers in real-time to gather rich media responses that are truly in-the-moment. Going beyond what customers have to say, we can now identify where they are, what they see, and what they hear in order to paint a more comprehensive picture of the customer's overall experience.

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5 Tips for a Successful Mixed-Method Approach 5 Tips for a Successful Mixed-Method Approach

Kathy Doyle, CEO, Doyle Research Associates

We don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. Our businesses reflect that. With a dozen different ways to network, countless ways to shop, and information careening at us from every direction, it’s easy to see why a single method approach to research might not always provide us with the full picture.

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