Interviewing - Foreign Language Audiences

Market research providers of interviewing services working with foreign language audiences. View companies with the ability to conduct research interviews in one or more languages other than English.

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RSM provides quality, cost-effective, global research services. International Online & CATI across B2B, Healthcare and hard to reach respondent types.

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CLS Lexi-tech LTD

In spring 2011, all engines were firing as Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) recruited a new team to translate its daily financial reports: CLS Communication. Following a thorough assessment, the bank decided in favour of a crew with financial knowledge and expertise, efficient project management and cutting-edge translation technologies.

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Hispanics are a powerful growing market with cultural sustainability and this is one of the key factors that changes how you reach and market to Hispanics. Traditional first generation marketing may not be appropriate - Hispanic Acculturation Models can help you understand better who your audience is and how to communicate in a relevant way.

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