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Market research firms that offer interviewing services internationally. Locate a company with branch offices or a partner network allowing them to conduct market research interviews in more than one country.

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Indy Focus
Indy Focus

Full service qualitative focus group facility (3 suites) with remote viewing capabilities. Ask about our 100% respondent show guarantee

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Pexel Ltd
Pexel Ltd

Pexel is a CATI and TDI specialist, handling both International and UK projects from a single 160-seat CATI centre. ISO 20252 accredited. Est. 2001

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CatalystMR specializes in cost effective online survey programming, hosting, online respondent sample, ad & video testing, mobile surveys & reporting

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We help you listen to and observe customers and use the insights to build products, services, messages & experiences that are relevant and compelling.

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Critical Mix

Critical Mix provides easy access to highly-targeted global survey respondents, survey programming and data visualization services.

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Three Reasons to Leverage Online Focus Groups for Research Three Reasons to Leverage Online Focus Groups for Research

Doyle Research Associates

Traditional focus groups are time intensive, can be cost prohibitive, and don’t always give you a representative sampling. Online focus groups have gained quite a bit of traction over the past several years, providing opportunities that their traditional counterparts just can’t match.

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Effectively Fielding International Research

Steven Yarnell, Paul Anderson, and Lesley Muir of Yarnell Inc.

Conducting effective qualitative research outside the U.S. requires consideration of a myriad of issues. Working with a marketing research firm that has global research knowledge and expertise is critical.

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Global Environmental Concerns Growing Global Environmental Concerns Growing

Tim Kenyon, GfK Roper Consulting

GfK Roper Consulting announced highlights from its global and U.S. environmental studies ahead of the company’s 2008 Green Gauge report. The findings reveal that concerns over pollution and climate change are rising worldwide and people are looking first to their national governments to take the lead in eco-responsibility.

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Rewind, Pause, Forward: Lessons Learned From Previous Recessions Rewind, Pause, Forward: Lessons Learned From Previous Recessions

Jennifer James, GfK Roper Consulting

The economic crisis has global impact, but has not been felt equally in all parts of the world. GfK Roper Consulting's Mood of the World 2009, reveals how shifts in consumer confidence and behaviors vary by market to support positioning, communications strategy and new product development in every region of the world.

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Open Up A Secret World: Using Blogging For Market Research

Malcolm Baker, Founding Partner, BRS Group

This global study on women's handbags removed the interviewer from the information-gathering process. Women were invited to blog about certain topics with more depth and detail than in a traditional interview setting. Read this article to gain insights into this process and the results of the study.

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Managing Global Brands To Meet Consumer Expectations Managing Global Brands To Meet Consumer Expectations

Malcolm Baker, Founding Partner, BRS Group; Greet Sterenberg; Earl Taylor

Increasingly affordable information and other technologies allow brands to be customized for local cultures and for individual consumers. The question for brand strategists is whether, when, where and how to do this. Are global brands merely those that are distributed worldwide, or can “globalness” itself be an element of a brand’s equity?

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