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Market research companies specializing in development and testing of new products. Locate a firm to conduct evaluations of new products or services through methods such as in-use studies, blind product tests, at-home tests, (un)identified tests, product placement tests, in home usage tests, etc.

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RTi Research
RTi Research

Full service Top 50 MR agency with 30 yr proven track record of combining the best of boutique thinking & service w/ large multinational capabilities

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Research & analytics firm with expertise in new product research, message optimization, pricing research, conjoint, segmentation, brand equity value.

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Bracket™ identifies winning benefits and features during a product development or message optimization process. The results are better than ...

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Areas of specialization: product testing, POS qualitative research, studios for qualitative and for product tests, coordination of studies in CEE

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We help you listen to and observe customers and use the insights to build products, services, messages & experiences that are relevant and compelling.

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Consider a person who wants to buy a personal computer. The customer can select exactly the combination desired, subject to a price constraint. Would it be possible to use such a process for research?

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Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research

Ramius Corporation

Marketing research online communities (MROCs) are among the new breed of tools that can complement the traditional focus group. This session explores how researchers can extend their scope of practice by integrating established techniques with new methods that rely on online community environments.

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Effective Research For Structural Packaging Innovation Effective Research For Structural Packaging Innovation

Gail Ritacco, Product Ventures

Packaging designers and engineers partner with insights professionals to identify and deliver against unmet consumer needs. Once you clear the myths of consumer research, you are more likely to ensure collaboration between the creative and research disciplines and to enrich the effectiveness of the innovation toolbox.

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