Online Focus Groups

Market research firms administering online focus groups where respondent insights, opinions, and reactions are collected by way of an online group discussion. Review providers of online focus group services. The discussions are led by trained marketing research professionals (moderators) who, using a discussion guide, query a group of participants.

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Crowdsourced depth interviews and groups. DIY webcam tool to securely bounce ideas off 11 million person community. Affordable high quality insights

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Goodmind is a NYC-based full-service market research company specializing in online qualitative research, usability studies, and targeted recruiting.

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DigitalMR provides organisations with actionable business insights to effectively manage their brands and their reputation through market research.

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FGI Research

FGI Research is a leading provider of custom online panels, online communities, and full service research services.

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Gongos, Inc.
Gongos, Inc.

Gongos provides decision intelligence to organizations through Gongos Research and its decision-support consultancy, O2 Integrated.

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