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Market research companies that recruit participants for online focus groups and online interviews. Select a firm that finds, engages, and selects participants for online/virtual focus groups, bulletin boards, and/or one-on-one interviews. Services can include identifying and qualifying potential respondents, providing a moderator, and communicating with respondents.

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Immerse Yourself in Qualitative Research Trends Immerse Yourself in Qualitative Research Trends

Caryn Goldsmith

The 2012 QRCA Annual Conference, held in Montreal in October, offered qualitative researchers from around the world a myriad of ways to learn the latest in methods and techniques and to identify the trends that which will impact our practices in the coming year and beyond.

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Interview: Online Qualitative Research

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

An interview with Jen Mason Drolet, Vice President of Client and Moderating Services at iModerate Research Technologies, about online qualitative research.

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Interview: Online Qualitative With Jim Longo of iTracks

Dana Stanley, President, The Operandi Group

This video interview covers the transition to online qualitative research including initial concerns and discovered advantages. Jim Longo of iTracks details specific ways research companies approach the online space.

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Diary of an Online Focus Group Diary of an Online Focus Group

Jennifer Dale, InsideHeads

Making online focus groups happen does not require magical talents. Skilled QRCs already have the tricks they need to conduct successful qualitative research studies online. Take a look inside the diary of one online focus group project and learn how you can apply what you already know.

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Navigating the Online Qualitative Landscape

Sonya Turner, Senior Qualitative Analyst, iModerate Research Technologies

The rapid growth and acceptance of online research has led to an increase in the online qualitative methods available in the marketplace. In the Web 2.0 world, where harvesting consumer insight is critical, what are the online qualitative tools and techniques that can help you accomplish your research objectives? This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at the online qualitative arena, and gives you the information you need to help you navigate it effectively.

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