Quantitative Marketing Research

Market research firms offering statistically substantiated information obtained from large data samples. Find a company to gather data through empirical research, numerical research and diagnostic studies as well as through other quantitative methodologies.

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Savage Incites

Savage Incites offers a full range of strategy and insights services (both qualitative & quantitative) to guide brand strategy and innovation.

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Integrated qualitative and quantitative research grounded in consumer understanding that leads to better products and services for our clients.

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Latin Field
Latin Field

Full service marketing research in Latin America, we have been in business for +28 years with offices in the US, Brazil, Mexico Argentina and Spain.

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Leger, The Research Intelligence Group offers a complete range of marketing services from surveys to strategic consulting.

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Fueling Global Brand Innovation with Added Value Fueling Global Brand Innovation with Added Value


Dub have been working with Added Value for over three years, developing and enhancing a leading-edge digital insight and innovation tool that helps them to source the latest ideas, insights and opinions from consumers and experts around the world.

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Qualitative Research is Dead - Long Live Qual! Qualitative Research is Dead - Long Live Qual!

John McGarr, President, Fresh Squeezed Ideas

There are boundaries that limit our ability to understand the customer. The marketing and research industries are to a degree perpetuating these boundaries that keep clients from achieving the understanding they need.

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KJT Group Hires Director of European Practice KJT Group Hires Director of European Practice

KJT Group, Inc.

KJT Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the continued growth of its global operations with the hiring of Nicola Guerra, PhD, MSc as the Director of European Practice in its Amsterdam office.

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Smaller sample sizes—money prudently saved or money foolishly wasted?

Steven Yarnell, Paul Anderson, and Lesley Muir of Yarnell Inc.

It is common practice to reduce the sample sizes used in quant studies to save money, a tendency exacerbated by the current economic environment. Though this approach can sometimes result in prudently saving some money, it can also have a disastrous result: spending the entire budget on a study that does not accomplish its business objective. Here's how.

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