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Market research firms providing statistical analysis. Find an expert, service or company that can assemble, classify, tabulate and interpret data mathematically.

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Ascribe combines language processing techniques with human-assisted methods to process hundreds of millions of unstructured survey responses annually.

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Ebiquity is a global full-service market research company providing customized reports for a complete Market Intelligence solution.

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Ipsos offers six areas of market research specialization: advertising, loyalty, marketing, media, public affairs, and survey management.

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MarketSight Boston Scientific Case Study MarketSight Boston Scientific Case Study


The challenge for Boston Scientific was to quickly and easily analyze primary research data for a variety of healthcare decision makers including physicians, hospital administrators, operations managers, payers and patients.

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MarketSight Thomson Case Study


The challenge was to reduce the amount of time and costs Thomson Scientific spent on basic analysis and use the research data to drive a greater number of business decisions. MarketSight was able to automate many of the time intensive steps and yield $20,000 in annual savings in research expenses.

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Product Configuration: Evidence for Effectiveness Product Configuration: Evidence for Effectiveness

Rajan Sambandam & Pankaj Kumar, TRC

This white paper looks at the examples from one product configuration study, the kinds of information that can be derived and the possibilities provided by statistical analysis.

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What Every Researcher Should Know About Statistical Significance What Every Researcher Should Know About Statistical Significance

DataStar, Inc.

Survey researchers use significance testing as an aid in expressing the reliability of survey results. We use phrases such as "significantly different," "margin of error," and "confidence levels" to help describe and make comparisons when analyzing data. The purpose of this article is to foster a better understanding of the underlying principles behind the statistics.

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Las Independientes vs Las Dependientes

Héctor Tavera, Director, Market Intelligence

We are in the era of more, more to choose from, more consumption, more fun, more fear, more uncertainty, more competition, more statistical software. And with all this new software, it’s possible to obtain statistics that are not a function of the genesis of the investigation. In this article, we will examine a case where we can see the comparison between the significant differences between independent and dependent samples. Artículo en español.

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Return on Investment in Market Research Return on Investment in Market Research

SIS International Research

Market research companies can implement several strategies for tracking return on investment for their research. The client can specify project milestones, objectives, KPIs, and other metrics detailed in this article.

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Cluster Analysis Gets Complicated Cluster Analysis Gets Complicated

Rajan Sambandam, TRC

Segmentation studies using cluster analysis have become commonplace. However, the data may be affected by collinearity, which can have a strong impact and affect the results of the analysis unless addressed. This article investigates what level presents a problem, why it's a problem, and how to get around it. Simulated data allows a clear demonstration of the issue without clouding it with extraneous factors.

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