StandPoint Announces a New Service Offering: The Activation Workshop

StandPoint, a leader in new product development research, is pleased to announce a new service offering, the Activation Workshop, an engaging and inspiring workshop designed to put market research into action.

ATLANTA - September 4, 2013 - StandPoint, a leader in new product development research, is pleased to announce a new service offering, the Activation Workshop.  
Many times, the results of a company’s research investment are not acted upon.  We know the reason: Often, the way research is reported and disseminated often fails to align the team or is sidelined during the planning process.  Research is an invaluable tool to keep the team focused on the facts. ONE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION IS RARELY ENOUGH.  A process is needed to build momentum starting the day results are delivered and extend that momentum throughout the planning process.   
Our ACTIVATION WORKSHOP is designed to give companies a roadmap designed to put their research plan into motion.  This interactive workshop will immerse team members throughout the process with lively discussions, breakout groups, brainstorming, and other problem solving methods.
In just three days spread over a two-week period, our facilitator will inspire, align internal teams, and provide the momentum needed to drive research forward.  The workshop maximizes valuable research investment dollars.  
About StandPoint
Founded in 2002 by Kip Creel, StandPoint is an Atlanta-based market research firm singularly focused on supporting the product and brand development efforts of Fortune 5,000 companies.  Its proprietary SCORE (Scope, Consult, Originate, Refine, and Evaluate) approach and the patented TeamBuilder™ online assessment tool offers a high return on investment and enables companies to make smart and successful brand, product, and service development decisions.
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