Toluna QuickSurveys offers enhanced data reporting, visualization and analysis

Combined with the TolunaAnalyticsTM reporting, visualization and analysis tool, users can now create field reports, cross tabulations and PowerPoint presentations within minutes of launching a survey.

(Wilton, CT - September 3, 2013) Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research respondent and technology providers, announces a features upgrade to Toluna QuickSurveys, a powerful self-serve market research tool that delivers high-quality, actionable insights in real time. Combined with the TolunaAnalyticsTM reporting, visualization and analysis tool, users can now create field reports, cross tabulations and PowerPoint presentations within minutes of launching a survey. 
“The combination of an easy-to-use DIY survey scripting tool, direct access to Toluna’s global panel of 4.8 million consumers, and now a robust analysis platform makes QuickSurveys the most powerful online survey platform in the industry,” states Phil Ahad, Vice President, QuickSurveys. “QuickSurveys is the ideal solution for companies that require trustworthy consumer insights at a blink of the eye in fast-moving markets.”
"We love the way Toluna makes it easy to understand complex results, and to look at results from new angles," said BLiNQ Media CEO Luis Caballero, who relied on Toluna recently to learn more about the people who buy ads on Facebook. "People who use QuickSurveys and TolunaAnalytics are getting a treat. They're going to love having access to the features that used to cost a lot more money!"  
TolunaAnalytics provides users with advanced, yet easy-to-use features—ideal for the novice and expert analyst alike. Users can weight data, create custom segments, and conduct all types of significance testing.
Key Features of TolunaAnalytics Summarized:
Conduct all levels of significance testing
Create custom weights
Create sub-populations
Customize confidence intervals
Create filtered reports for collaboration
Data is encrypted and password-protected


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