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Decision Insight Inc.

Company Description

Decision Insight is the shopper insights and retail strategy firm that uncovers shopper behaviors and motivations for businesses who compete at retail. Our best-in-class research professionals and strategic planners measure the impact of shopper strategies using a range of digital technologies, including virtual environments. Three decades of consumer research experience have groomed the team at DI to actively anticipate the emerging needs of manufacturers, retailers, eCommerce, and restaurant clients. Our predictive analytic insights combined with technology-enabled methodology lead to activation at retail. Named by the Path to Purchase Institute as the "purest research house among virtual shopping suppliers," our approach is Shopper Centric and Retail Forward. We understand that the ultimate measure of your research investment is the result you achieve from the actions you take. Are you ready for results? DI is here to help.

  • AMA (United States)
  • ESOMAR (International)
  • P2Pl, POPAl, Category Management Association
Company type:
  • Full Service
(816) 221-0445
(816) 221-9955
2940 Main Sreet
Kansas City, Missouri, 64108
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
Kansas City (MO--KS)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Products (3)

ProductImage ShopperIQ®

ShopperIQ virtual research solutions validate the impact of shopper behavior where decisions are made, in the store. Online shopping environments simulate consumers' actual shopping behavior, resulting in less costly research and highly predictive estimates. Test Arrangement, Assortment, Pricing, Packaging, Merchandising, and New Product Development. Also available: Consumer Decision Trees.

ProductImage DiningIQ™

During DI’s 30+ years of restaurant research, we have witnessed the emergence of a multitude of factors that affect how and what customers order. Ultimately that impact is manifested in Product Mix (proportion of orders across menu items) and Average Ticket Price. Realizing how critical it is for restaurateurs to understand how alternative menu strategies impact the total guest order, Decision Insight developed our proprietary online virtual menu ordering to power our DiningIQ research solutions. Our virtual menus are always tested in the context of a full and realistic ordering experience that replicates actual behavior in the restaurant. Delivers effective and robust measures of the effects of menu changes on Reach, Product Mix, Average Ticket Price, and appeal among key segments.

ProductImage Digital.IQ™

The ability to proactively influence consumers along the digital path to purchase makes your online presence a critical marketing tool. Whether the goal is to sell direct to the consumer, provide product information, or create customized offerings for important online retailers like, you need to maximize online performance. Decision Insight’s Virtual eCommerce Testing Platform clearly identifies which digital strategy performs best and how to improve future offers. The key component of DI’s approach is a simulated eCommerce experience where participants interact just as they would in real life. This approach also provides the added value of rich diagnostics to understand the specific elements that drive success and those that can be improved.


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