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FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online market research for over a decade. During this time, we have worked with a cross-section of the world’s most innovative brands, including; iHeartMedia, Virgin Atlantic, Skybet, British Gas and Avery. Today, our team is committed to providing the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of making a real, tangible difference. We aim, with all clients, to embed agile insight generation at the heart of their decision making processes by combining a cutting-edge online platform with the expertise offered by our team of experienced researchers. Because every brand and research requirement is different, we offer a customised, flexible service that blends relevant qualitative & quantitative tools together and maximises return on investment.

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ProductImage InsightHub

To survive in today’s global marketplace, brands cannot afford to wait on data. Informed decisions must be made, fast. The InsightHub research platform has been designed to help achieve this, by providing an easy way to generate and embed customer insight throughout key decision-making processes. InsightHub offers a diverse array of qualitative and quantitative research tools all in one place, making it easy to manage, distribute and activate insight. Powerful user management features, the ability to run unlimited concurrent projects and a range of participant controls means access can even be shared across the enterprise, breaking down departmental silos. At the heart of the InsightHub platform is flexibility. We know that research agendas change and companies grow. That’s why we offer InsightHub in four distinct configurations which can be upgraded or changed at any time. In addition, any of our ten research tools may be added to a long-term licence or used temporarily to meet short-term project needs. Every platform licence includes secure hosting, data security compliance checks, 12 hours of support services, bespoke branding and a custom URL for free.



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