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Isobar Marketing Intelligence Practice

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Isobar Marketing Intelligence is a Practice area of Isobar. We are a full-service consulting and research firm, recognized for our segmentation and emotional measurement approaches. Our mission is to help brands fully understand their consumers in ways never before possible. We do this by bringing together emotional, behavioral and cognitive sciences which, when combined with the creative talents of our Agency, generate profound insights and inspire unique strategies and solutions.

  • AMA (United States)
  • Intellus (Worldwide)
  • ESOMAR (International)
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  • Full Service
One South Station
Suite 300
Boston, Massachusetts, 02110
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
Boston (MA--NH)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Products (8)

ProductImage Segmentation & Targeting

“Multi-dimensional Segmentation”. To truly explain consumer behavior, a segmentation must be based on demographics AND lifestyles AND attitudes/needs AND purchase and usage behaviors. Profit-Directed Development Process - To truly identify profitable target segments, segmentation inputs must be tested for “predictive validity.” Direct Linkage to Activation Programs - To truly optimize go-to-market strategies, a segmentation must be “linkable”—directly and precisely—to media, marketing, CRM, and sales activities, including the databases that will be used to guide or implement them.

ProductImage Brand & Positioning

We understand and address the Seven Key Components of a Brand. Two of the components are emotional…and we use MindSight to address them. We can bring alive the suggested Strategy with key Creative Elements and Brand. 1. Brand Essence - High order benefit which creates an emotional connection with the brand 2. Brand Personality - Tone & manner of your communications 3. Value Proposition - Differentiating benefit with 2-3 key RTB’s 4. Customer Insight - Unmet need of the target 5. Key Competitors - The brands that compete most directly for the target’s business 6. Communications Strategy - Media channels that will best reach target 7. Market Target - The segment with the greatest ROI for your brand

ProductImage Journey Mapping

We address the entire Journey – from “Inspiration” through Post-Purchase . We employ a host of research techniques. We supply detailed channel guidance, covering off-line and on-line touchpoints.

ProductImage Communications Development

Evaluation of different communications, from ads to websites, using a suite of special tools that includes biometrics and forecasting of behavioral response.

ProductImage Product & Pricing Strategy

Optimization, launch planning, and forecasting of new products/services.

ProductImage White Space Exploration

Insights into consumers latent and emotional needs. Access to innovations and emerging trends, globally. Involvement of – and execution by -- digital visionaries.

ProductImage MindSight®

MindSight® is a fast, affordable and easy-to-use solution for researching the specific subconscious emotions driving consumer behavior. MindSight® works across a wide range of projects and applications: from qualitative studies with a small number of consumers to quantitative initiatives with thousands of globally dispersed respondents. It even deploys on mobile devices, enabling emotional research at the shelf and in the moment. The Emotional Discovery Window: Our proprietary rapid-exposure/rapid-response technique circumvents the influence of the rational mind – obtaining authentic subconscious emotional insight from consumers. A Leading Model of Human Motivation: Our academically accepted Unified Model of Human Motivation identifies the specific emotions driving consumer behavior – explaining why consumers act as they do. (David L. Forbes, Ph.D., “Toward a Unified Theory of Human Motivation,” Review of General Psychology June 2011) MindSight is an “Implicit” measurement system. Respondents react to 126 specially-curated images. They have 1 second to react: They tap their space bar, or touch their screen, for all images that “show how you feel.”

ProductImage MindSight® Direct

MindSight Direct provides brands with the opportunity to create and run their own research studies. The platform offers a customizable, step-by-step admin experience with the flexibility of running a standalone study or adding MindSight to ongoing initiatives. The interactive dashboard offers a downloadable report, data file and a dynamic analysis with description of motives, images and word association findings. The power of emotion now at your fingertips, literally. Introducing MindSight® Direct The Direct version of our award-winning MindSight® technology gives you the speed necessary to make decisions quickly and win in this “fast fail” world of marketing. WHAT YOU GET •Fast and inexpensive -10x faster at less than 20% of the cost •Simple step-by-step administrator experience •Customizable elements such as audience, demographics and questions •Flexibility of running as a standalone study or being part of a broader initiative •Validation in applied-neuroscience approach and metrics THE END RESULT •Interactive results dashboard with downloadable report and data file •Dynamic analysis of the results with full description of motives, images and word association results.


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