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Recollective Inc.

Company Description

Recollective Inc. is an enterprise social software company, focused on the development of innovative platforms for online research.

Launched in late 2011 to offer intuitive research software that expands on traditional capabilities, Recollective combines the social interactions of an online community with a professionally designed suite of both qualitative and quantitative research tools.

Delivered in a visually-rich interface inspired by modern web design, Recollective enables researchers to effectively engage participants and reveal deep insights quickly and cost effectively.

Recollective offers both technology and research services to customers. Each site can be custom branded, is fully mobile and tablet ready and can support small or large populations for any duration required.

  • AMA (United States)
  • QRCA (United States)
  • MRIA-ARIM (Canada)
  • ESOMAR (International)
  • MRIA
Company type:
  • Software & Technology
(613) 369-5233
1(888) 932-2299 x233
(613) 230-8718
283 Alexandre-Tache Boulevard, Suite F3050
Gatineau, Quebec, J9A 1L8
Metropolitan Area:
Ottawa-Gatineau (ON--QC)
Countries where research is conducted:
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Products (1)

ProductImage Recollective™

Recollective is an online community solution for industry-leading qualitative research. Recollective includes all the components needed to make your qualitative study or insight community a success. - Recruiting and Onboarding Invite, screen and balance participants against custom quotas with our new Inflows tool. Allow participants to join or return to a study using their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. - Research Design and Execution Design activity-based studies that engage participants in insights communities. Assemble studies using a variety of text, photo, video, image review, video review, card sort, polls and other types of task built into journals or standard activities that can be adapted and expanded on-the-fly. Start discussion threads and private messages or probe with comments to uncover deeper insight. - Analysis and Reporting Review activity streams, search word clouds, browse media galleries and then save and codify insightful excerpts. Track participation, completion rates, and leaderboards. Export media-rich transcripts and video clips. Incentives & Gamification Customizable point, level and badge systems with a leaderboard and personal action logs.


Market research resources (1)

Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research Modern "Social" Online Qualitative Research

Marketing research online communities (MROCs) are among the new breed of tools that can complement the traditional focus group. This session explores how researchers can extend their scope of practice...

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