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Rockbridge Associates

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Rockbridge is an outcome-based market research firm that provides research and consulting to companies in the services and technology sectors, as well as leading associations. The firm guides clients on strategic areas including customer loyalty, brand equity, product optimization, and segmentation. Rockbridge offers a suite of scientifically proven solutions, including MaxShare™ for measuring the drivers of share-of-wallet, and is the only Wallet Allocation Rule® Certified solution available in the market. Rockbridge’s award-winning executive team has received numerous accolades for their thought leadership in customer experience and loyalty research, as well as technology adoption. They have written more influential books, produced more award-winning scientific research, and presented at more industry forums than comparable research firms. Rockbridge was founded in 1992, and has offices in the Washington, DC and New York metro areas.

  • AMA (United States)
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  • Full Service
(703) 757-5213
(703) 757-5208
10130-G Colvin Run Road
Great Falls, Virginia, 22066-1839
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
Washington (DC--VA--MD)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Products (3)

ProductImage MaxShare™

Traditional customer satisfaction metrics prove to be poor predictors of how customers allocate their spending among the brands they use, i.e., share-of-wallet. Our MaxShare™ solution measures share-of-wallet and identifies the drivers you need to focus on to increase your share of customer spending. It also identifies specific areas that if improved, will take share from your biggest competitor. The Rockbridge MaxShare™ solution is the only Wallet Allocation Rule® Certified product on the market—as a result, it is proved to link to share growth.

ProductImage MaxMindShare™

MaxMindShare™ – Rockbridge’s brand equity and tracking solution – quantifies your brand’s potential to capture market share/share-of-wallet, identifies barriers to realizing potential, tells you which functional and emotional drivers should receive priority, and provides tactical guidance on brand messaging. MaxMindShare™ is anchored in the latest science based on the Wallet Allocation Rule® and a comprehensive Brand Development Model tested over a decade.

ProductImage MaxProduct™

MaxProduct™ enables you to determine the optimal feature set for your product or service. Our proprietary solution helps you to understand what feature tradeoffs need to be made based on customers’ buying interest and the resulting impact on revenues and costs. This product optimization methodology efficiently captures trade-offs from survey respondents, and provides managers with a user-friendly, spreadsheet simulator that identifies the ROI impact of changing price and features.


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