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TRC is a research & analytics firm, specializing in new product research, message optimization, pricing research, conjoint analysis, segmentation, brand equity, sat & loyalty. TRC has guided hundreds of clients through innovation challenges over the years and have learned from our own innovations along the way. Our market research experts are experienced and passionate, and collectively approach every assignment 'all in' - no matter the size or complexity. We know the innovation journey can feel uncertain. So let us help you make more informed decisions. Even help you uncover ideas you may not have considered. We specialize in tools and techniques such as discrete-choice conjoint, product configurator or max-diff that involve respondent-friendly and engaging trade-offs.

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1300 Virginia Drive Suite 200
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Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 19034
United States of America
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Philadelphia (PA--NJ--DE--MD)
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United States of America
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Products (5)

ProductImage Bracket™

Proprietary Bracket™identifies winning benefits and features during a product development or message optimization process. It's great for solving complex prioritization challenges as it handles large # of features w/ minimal respondent fatigue and without sacrificing data & analytics quality. Bracket™ overcomes the 'too many options' problem. It provides individual-level utility scores that reveal both the rank order of choice factors and the distance between ranks. It keeps respondents engaged with surveys that are shorter and more challenging. And delivers results on par with what you'd get from Max-Diff or other insightful but more cumbersome choice-based techniques. Use Bracket™ to understand priorities across your target market, or to zoom in on particular segments of interest.

ProductImage Idea Mill™

If you're challenged with developing new products or looking at existing products in a fresh, new way, Idea Mill™ is the solutions for your. Idea Mill™allows ideation to be fun, inexpensive and most importantly - validated. We ask your target audience to evaluate a few starter ideas and then contribute their own. the process not only produces a bunch of product possibilities and innovative ideas, but evaluates them as well - in real-time. You get a final list that already incorporates critical customer preferences. Combining our own Smart Incentive™ gaming technique to spark thoughtful and enthusiastic participation from layers and layers of real world respondents with our proprietary algorithm that refines long lists and multiple ideas, Idea Mill™ creates ideas, finds the best of the bunch, and tells you why. Idea Mill™ is part of our Agile Suite of products that are super-fast (under a week's time), budget-friendly (<$10K) and effective. The tool is useful for product naming exercises, product improvements, or as a way to kick start innovation.

ProductImage Idea Audit™

Idea Audit™ provides effective concept evaluation. It delivers comprehensive assessment of your idea quickly, affordably, and in a way that can be easily repeated for other 'good ideas' in your pipeline. There are a lot of questions you might ask about your concept, but only a few are essential. Idea Audit™ focuses on these criteria, and provides a fast and reliable gateway to further inquiry and development. Surveys rely on scales, and while these measurables are helpful, ratings alone aren't enough to gauge future success. Consumers can't always accurately predict market viability, particularly when they're asked to evaluate an innovative or more complex product concept. You need context, and a way to discover whether people don't like your idea or they don't understand your idea. Idea Audit™ delivers that context, enhanced by rich video feedback that captures top-of-mind reactions and deeper insights, not measurable on a scale. Idea Audit™ is part of our Agile Suite of products that is affordable (under $10K) and provides results in a week's time.

ProductImage Message Test Express™ (MTE™)

Quantitative message testing for less? Yes! Can't afford rigorous testing this time? Maybe you can. We've all been there. Up against the wall, with little time and budget, and knowing the best path forward will only come from doing rigorous, quantitative research. You want more than a gut check. You need data to make decisions. But when you're squeezed for time and money, what are your options? TRC sees this dilemma more and more in today's "more with less" business environment. And it pushed us to think differently. How could we meet the need for swift research and budget sensitivity without compromising the process? Or the results? Our solution is Message Test Express™ (MTE™). MTE™ is a unique and streamlined prioritization tool that helps identify winning concepts, positioning statements, and messages and their stick factor for less than $10,000 and often in 10 days or less. Because it was built from the powerful choice-based process of Bracket™, you can feel confident you're getting reliable data and the insights to support it. Users evaluate and eliminate choices, eventually getting to "the best of the best". The analysis uncovers which messages rose to the top.

ProductImage Agile Suite™

Agile Suite™: generate, streamline or select the best for under 10K Do you quantitative research fast and under budget with our suite of 3 industry-proven tools. For years, clients have asked us the same question: "How can I get rigorous quantitative research through the necessary evaluation stages quickly and inexpensively?" And that's the reason we developed our Agile Suite of products. From ideation all the way through to selection, our Agile Suite will support your research with smart and proven solutions that not only help generate quantity, but work toward refining and delivering the best of the lot. Worried you don't have the budget? You can incorporate an Agile solution for less than 10K. The Agile Suite™ consists of: Idea Mill™. Perfect for product naming, opportunity for improvements, or just to kick-start an innovation. Message Test Express™. Perfect for refining long lists of messages, product features, or concepts. Idea Audit™. Perfect for effective concept evaluation. If you require fast market research because of a short timeframe, or your research needs to be conducted on a small budget, consider our Agile Suite of products.



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