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Toluna is the only insights provider uniquely designed to empower today’s on-demand economy.

We innovate on-demand, we disrupt on-demand, and we empower on-demand to connect businesses and consumers when it matters most – now.

We are powered by the perfect fusion of expertise, technology, and community – which we use to connect businesses and consumers (or ‘on-summers’) to deliver insights ‘on-demand’ to companies of all sizes.

Toluna is transforming the way marketing decisions are made by bringing consumers and brands together via the world’s largest social voting community of millions members across 68+ countries. This real-time access to consumers is coupled with its state-of-the-art, market research survey and analytics platform.

Toluna has 21 offices in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, MENA, and LatAm. For more information, please visit

Company type:
  • Panels / Communities
  • Quantitative Research
  • Software & Technology
(203) 834-8585
21 River Road
Suite 2000
Wilton, Connecticut, 06897
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
New York (NY--NJ--CT)
Nick Langeveld
Managing Director
Janice Caston
Vice President, Global Marketing
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, India, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam
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Products (7)

ProductImage QuickSurveys

QuickSurveys is more than just a survey platform -- it's our on-demand cloud-based solution designed for quick-turn, automated research. You have 24/7 DIY access immediate access to Toluna’s global panel of 26+ Million people globally so you can tap into any audience, no matter how niche. The comprehensive, easy-to-use interface, and automated templates combined with immediate and continuous data collection, means you can gain insights 10x faster than traditional research methods. Fully flexible, QuickSurveys offers 100% DIY, Assisted DIY and Full Service options. Launch your survey in just minutes and see results populate in real-time to find out how Toluna can bring you insights on demand!

ProductImage TolunaInsights

Toluna programs more than 2100 surveys a year, providing consultative programming, sample management and data processing via a streamlined support model.

Need more than data? We’ve got you covered! Whether you need a researcher to provide an extra look for a questionnaire and draft an executive summary, or a data scientist to design and perform advanced analytics, Toluna’s research team can provide as much or as little support as necessary to get you across the finish line.

Put the power of millions of consumers behind your next big idea with Toluna’s real-time digital insights platform. Need answers fast? Toluna offers 24/7 access to millions of global consumers on an easy-to-use, real-time survey platform. Sign up for free today and learn how you can gain reliable and actionable insights that won’t break the bank. Our Guarantee: At least 1,000 nationally representative survey responses within 21 markets in 24 hours or less, significantly shortening your time-to-insight and true, actionable information.

ProductImage QuickCommunities

Toluna’s sophisticated engagement platform lets you listen and learn from the people you want to understand like never before. Your Community acts as your brand’s advisory board, and then some. They put your brand at the center of deep conversation and help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers and prospects. Members are remarkably engaged and participate in unsolicited on-site discussions, and are available immediately for survey research.

Additionally, we offer a revolutionary DIY community platform enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, web-based community in just minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) -- all in real-time. Collect rich, real-time, cost-effective qualitative and quantitative insight on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button, by sending surveys, presenting topics for discussion, and viewing results -- all within a single platform.

ProductImage Reporting

TolunaInsights offers easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics that enables you to access real-time reporting and analyze results with the click of a button, as data populates in real-time. Access information without delay. Data is available immediately, with the ability to access field reports and analyze data while surveys are still in-field. Comprehensive reporting platform. Field reports, verbatim responses and key metrics all within a single interface. Leverage advanced analytic procedures. Weight data, create sub-populations, filter and conduct all levels of significance testing. Information is customized. Drag and drop PowerPoint creation, word cloud verbatims, and create tables/re-run banners as needed.

ProductImage Behavioral Data

The fragmentation of traditional retail and media landscapes sees today’s consumer watching video, listening to music and shopping online, across an ever-proliferating number of on-demand digital platforms. Market research companies are faced with new challenges to accurately measure the impact of these new platforms, and the opportunity to provide deeper insight than ever before.

Toluna Digital Tracking is a single-source permission-based digital tracking solution that provides unprecedented real-time insight into online and mobile consumer behavior. Used alone, or in combination with other research methodologies, Digital Tracking provides the most robust insight available in the market today and drives intelligent business strategies.

Create rich digital profiles and develop key market segments based on new digital attributes, refine digital marketing strategies, understand path-to-purchase, measure ad effectiveness and media consumption, and use event-based triggers to send follow-up surveys in the moment.

ProductImage Sample

Our unique, cross-channel approach to member engagement provides real-time access to deeper respondent insight. Our community is well-profiled and active. They are loyal, trustworthy and completely candid. We reach survey respondents across the globe and engage with them when and how they want. And when and how you want - in Real-Time. We continuously collect information about our panelists' attitudes and behaviors, allowing for vast respondent profiles and real-time respondent targeting. Toluna's dynamic profiling allows for real-time targeting, matching the right respondent with the right survey on the fly. Toluna’s SampleXpress is a fully automated sampling tool that gives researchers the power to price, assess feasibility and then launch a project in minutes. Simple and intuitive to use, researchers have a 24/7 tool that covers all of their sampling needs.

ProductImage Automated Methodology

By automating industry proven methodologies, Toluna's PowerSuite puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to conduct your own package, concept, positioning or attitudinal study from anywhere developed by our sister company, Harris Interactive -- without ever having to pick up with phone. PowerConcept is a collection of fully-automated insight solutions designed to guide you from ideation to understanding in just hours. ? We’ve automated award-winning methodologies developed by our sister company, Harris Interactive, putting you in the driver's seat with PowerConcept. You can tap into our global 26+ Million panel to conduct your own concept tests quickly, and have confidence in the outcome with our industry proven methodologies.



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