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2x4 Solutions GmbH

Company Description

2x4 is a Market Research IT solutions and Services firm focusing on bringing quality and simplifying aspects of market research. We are a passionate team of IT/Market Research professionals working to deliver world-class services and solutions to our clients. The people at 2x4 are our most important asset and we are a team of passionate, personable and experienced IT/Market Research professionals. We apply the same personal, flexible ethos to our staff that we do to our customers. 2x4 offers IT solutions and services for market research to a range of businesses, from SME’s to large organizations. We are committed to providing the highest quality IT/Market Research services and our aim is to deliver growth through the use of cutting edge technology, working in partnership with key vendors to bring our customers the latest technology available to them. We offer an extensive range of support and services including consultancy, custom solutions, support and training. Headquartered in Germany, focusing on delivering enterprise solutions and services designed to meet each individual customer’s needs. Check out our products: - 2x4 SurveyTester - 2x4 SmartTranslate - 2x4 Dynamic Surveys

  • ESOMAR (International)
Company type:
  • Consulting
  • Data Collection
  • Software & Technology
+49 8631 3516525
Eichenring 23a
Mettenheim, 84562
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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Products (1)

ProductImage 2x4 SurveyTester

WHY SURVEYTESTER? Over many years we created surveys for customers and internal stakeholders. Most times this was done under high time pressure. Even if a project start was delayed, the fieldwork go-live date was never moved. For testing was never enough time and so the QA team never was able to find all issues inside the surveys. The first two days of fieldwork were used to fix the late found issues and to change the survey due to customer change requests. Even today, when talking to corporate Market Research departments or full-service Market Research specialists, it does not show a different picture. With the rise of mobile devices and a fragmented browser market, the situation is today even worse than ever. "Traditional" testing methods using Excel, Emails, and Screenshots are not sufficient enough for getting the best possible results and making the timelines. HOW DOES SURVEYTESTER WORK? We thought, there must be a better way for handling the chaotic process of reporting issues, track changes and doing parts of the tests in a fully automated way. So we built a collaborative platform, which understands surveys and different survey systems. ...


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