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Wilkins Research Services, LLC

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With a 105 station call center, WRS can virtually handle any size telephone data collection. WRS can host your next online survey for an affordable price & a quick turnaround! The software tool WRS invested to program the online survey handles complex skips, plays audio visual files & facilitates any research need. WRS also offers data processing services including cross tabulation of raw data with a final delivery in Word or Excel, development of coding frame & coding of verbatim responses, and incorporating them into final tabulated data. WRS is rated annually one of the top focus group facilities nationwide by the "Impulse Survey", & offers two large focus group suites. WRS is experienced in national & local recruiting, & offers superior show rates at the most competitive price.

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  • Full Service
(423) 894-9478
(423) 894-0942
1730 Gunbarrel Road
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37421
United States of America
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United States of America
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ProductImage Telephone and Online Surveying and Focus Groups

WILKINS RESEARCH SERVICES, LLC As a market research company that has been in the business since 1971, we understand the need of gathering opinions for companies that desire a true connection with their customers. We offer a wide range of services including: Focus Groups, Telephone Surveys, On-Line Surveys, Recruiting Services, On-site & one-on-one surveys, and a host of other services. With our longevity and experience, we are ahead of our competitors. We take pride in our growth, which has been consistently steady in the last thirty plus years. Our long tenured staff knows how to take care of customers with a “small firm” mentality, but with our current volume of data collection we are considered a large firm capable of handling any size data collection project.


Facility Details

Facility Details

Building type: Free Standing
Facility features: Client lounge, High-definition TV, Office services, Onsite parking, Recording - Audio, Recording - Digital, Recording - Video, Video-conferencing, Video-streaming, Wireless Internet
Travel time from airport: 10 min
Travel time from downtown: 15 min
Recruiting capabilities: Two focus group suites each with their own viewing room as well as one large room available for larger groups.

Facility Rooms

Room types
Observation capacity
Client Lounge
Computer Usability Lab
Focus Group
Product Testing Lab
Test Kitchen

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