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The GreenBook Directory is where thousands of buyers are searching for your services

Marketing research buyers turn to the GreenBook Directory when they are looking for new partners and building shortlists of the most qualified research agencies, facilities, suppliers, tools, and consultants.

Be found by research buyers
GreenBook.org is THE guide for buyers of market research, attracting 50,000 monthly visitors, half of whom are from outside of North America. GreenBook is where many research buyers begin their search, so if your company is not listed, you will not be considered and will not receive the inquiries that your competitors do.
Get direct, positive ROI
Businesses with a profile in the Directory see a positive return on their listing investment with the first project facilitated by the Directory. This return multiplies over time as you build lasting relationships and secure more projects with each new buyer.
Reach the right audience
GreenBook serves a highly-qualified, professional audience of insight decision-makers. 14% are C-Level/Owner/Partner, 19% are Vice President or Director, 27% are manager, and 34% are Professional Non-Manager.
Increase search engine ranking
Hyperlinks from the Directory automatically strengthen your website’s rankings in search engines due to GreenBook’s long-standing reputation as a relevant, trusted, and popular online resource.
Listing in the Directory suits any budget
The GreenBook Directory levels the playing field for organizations of all sizes and provides a cost-effective means of reaching a large, targeted audience of market research professionals that you won’t find anywhere else. You decide which enhancements to add to build an effective company listing that fits the marketing objectives of your organization.

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All prices are for a period of 12 months.

Each company profile begins with a Basic Listing ($275).

Listing Features and Enhancements
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Banner Ads on search pages run-of-site are also available.

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GreenBook Directory has been published since 1962 by American Marketing Association, New York Chapter, and its subsidiary.

With tens of thousands of users every month, the GreenBook Directory is the definitive place for research buyers to find research agencies, facilities, suppliers, tools, and consultants.