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Who Uses the GreenBook Directory?

The GreenBook Directory attracts 50,000 users every month (50% coming from North America), including corporate market research buyers from these companies:

Research buyers turn to the GreenBook Directory at the critical moment when they are looking for partners and building shortlists of the most qualified research firms, facilities, and consultants. After serving the industry for over 55 years, researchers trust the GreenBook Directory and use it actively – enjoying powerful search with auto-completions and suggestions, modern interface, and constant improvements.

If your company is not included in the GreenBook Directory, it will not receive the inquiries that your competitors do from a wide variety of organizations from all over the world:

  • Large businesses and brands, including multinational corporations
  • Government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations
  • Medium and small businesses like local and regional firms
  • Advertising, media, and marketing agencies
  • Market research firms, consultants, and agencies of all sizes looking to partner with your firm to provide services they do not provide in-house

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