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GreenBook Marketing Services

In addition to the services we offer through the GreenBook Directory, GreenBook Marketing Services are here to help expand the visibility of your business even further. Work with us to get more leads, make big brand impressions, and become thought leaders in our industry. Let‘s discuss how we could best help you achieve your marketing and business objectives.


GreenBook Directory

With tens of thousands of users every month, the GreenBook Directory is the definitive place for market research buyers to find research agencies, facilities, suppliers, tools, and consultants. GreenBook.org attracts 55,000 to 60,000 monthly visitors, and is where many research buyers begin their search. If your company is not listed, you will not be considered and will not receive the inquiries that your competitors do.



Our experienced marketing and production team will take care of all of the organization, hosting and promotion of the webinar. We’ll work with you on topic selection and content development, and take care of all of the technical details. We will promote it to over 80,000 subscribers as part of an integrated marketing campaign, including our email subscribers, e-newsletter subscribers, and our social media community. Best of all: you’ll receive the registrant and attendee list (including contact details).

GRIT Report

The GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report (GRIT) is the leading survey of the marketing research industry worldwide. Over 30,000 market researchers, marketers, and executives, both clients and suppliers, will read, analyze, and discuss the upcoming GRIT Report. Clients and suppliers alike use the report as a critical resource in their strategic planning.

Marketing opportunities include:
  • Sponsored commentaries
  • Display advertising
  • GRIT Leadership Panel (webinar)

Upcoming GRIT editions:

    • Q3-4 2017 - publication in December 2017
    • Q1-2 2018 - publication in June 2018 / with GRIT Top 50 rankings
    • Q3-4 2018 - publication in December 2018

IIeX Events

IIeX events are our industry’s most innovative, client-driven conferences. Sponsoring  or exhibiting at an IIeX event is the best way to align your brand with the spirit and practice of innovation that the market research industry has come to associate with the global IIeX program.


Online Advertising

Increase awareness, support branding efforts, and stay top of mind with prospective clients. Get your brand in front of the GreenBook audience with prominently placed banner ads in the following media:

  • GreenBook Directory [NEW: run-of-site slots available]
  • GreenBook Blog [NEW: banner ad slots and content marketing opportunities will be available starting November 2017 on the newly redesigned GreenBook Blog website]
  • GreenBook e-Newsletter

Private Events

Research buyers have told us time and time again that they want to meet you face-to-face before they commit to doing business with you. Hosting a private event is the perfect way to get this face time. Whether you are interested in a full-day Client Summit or a VIP Dinner — we do the work, and you enjoy the results.


GreenBook Directory information:

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Our marketing services website provides further detail. It also offers tips, advice on best practices for marketing in our industry, and a download bundle of resources to bring your marketing to the next level. We will be happy to answer your questions, provide recommendations, or help you decide which marketing program or package would best meet your goals and budget.