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Use GreenBook to connect your business with the most engaged audience of market researchers and research buyers.

GreenBook marketing channels bring together market researchers sitting at both sides of the table:

  • The GreenBook Directory connects research buyers with providers.

  • The GreenBook Blog and Newsletter connect our industry’s thought leaders with those who want to stay ahead of the curve.

  • IIeX conferences and GreenBook webinars unite best practices with next practices by connecting research innovation with business impact.

  • The GRIT Report connects the entire industry with its future.

GreenBook marketing services combine access to a uniquely engaged audience with leading industry thought leadership and the latest trends in marketing practices. Our services produce real results - qualified leads, brand visibility, and strong partnerships.


GreenBook Marketing Programs:


GreenBook Directory

Tens of thousands of research buyers use the GreenBook Directory to compare detailed profiles of market research agencies, facilities, tools, and consultants. [Optimized for viewing on mobile devices.]

GreenBook Webinars

Researchers attend GreenBook Webinars to get up to date on the latest in our industry. Organizations use webinars to connect with key prospects, and to position themselves as thought leaders.


Twice a year, the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey takes the pulse of market research, becoming THE benchmark against which the industry measures its progress and evolution.

IIeX Conferences & Forums

Imagine it. See it. Do it. Insight Innovation eXchange events bring together the most innovative research providers, thought leaders, and practitioners.

GreenBook Blog

One of the most respected and widely read online resources for researchers, the GreenBook Blog attracts over 32,000 readers every month. [Optimized for viewing on mobile devices.]

Market Research e-Newsletter

Helping busy researchers save time, the bi-weekly GreenBook Market Research e-Newsletter highlights articles from the GreenBook Blog and important industry events.


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