GreenBook Road Show

Go Where the Clients Are!

Host a Private Learning Session and Generate Solid Leads

GreenBook will help you host a private, invitation-only learning session among your target prospects. This is an opportunity to further your reputation as a thought leader providing education, insights and new industry knowledge to your targeted audience.

We will set up and market your private event, targeting participants from our extensive list of insights professionals across the value chain.

It can be a breakfast, lunch, or cocktail session, dedicated to your choice of presentation format: panel discussion, presentation, case study, etc.

event attendants

How it works

  • You help us understand your target audience, and we use our connections and extensive opt-in contact list to find prospects who fit your target.
  • GreenBook will recruit and confirm prospects for your session via email and phone outreach.
  • We handle securing the venue space, catering, and audio-visual service.
  • No competitors or other suppliers will be in attendance.
  • We will help provide speakers if needed.
  • The session will be branded as a partnered event between your firm and GreenBook.


We are happy to discuss custom advertising and marketing opportunities based on your strategy and needs.

Contact our Director of Business Development
Chris Kosar
Director of Business Development