3 Reasons Why Qualitative Customer Conversations Must Be Part of your Customer Journey Map


Big data is one of the most prevalent buzzwords in technology, marketing research, and design - and for good reason. Quantitative, data-based research is an imperative part of any customer journey map to truly understand your customer’s path to purchase, as we’ve discussed in a recent blog post. With the proliferation of high-speed WiFi, smartphones, and free survey tools, quantifiable data has never been easier to collect and analyze.


However, many companies that are looking to gain a better understanding of the motivators, barriers, and detractors in the purchase cycle often overlook a critical part of the customer journey map: real conversions with their customers. Quantifiable, numbers-based data will only tell you half of your customer lifecycle story. To truly capture an end-to-end view of your customers that will help uncover valuable insights to move your bottom line, you must conduct real, in-depth customer interviews via methods like interviews, focus groups, or shop-alongs.


Find out what are the three reasons why this qualitative research is so vital to your customer journey by visiting this link:




If you are creating a customer journey, it isn’t complete until you have a comprehensive end-to-end research plan. Gold Research is the leader in in-store, online and at-home research. We have extensive experience in journey mapping, path-to-purchase research, compliance audits, deploying customer intercepts, in-store interviews, and mobile surveys for concept testing, marketing testing, satisfaction research, shopper insights, and mystery shopping. We can also act as an extension of your research team in helping with data processing, analysis, report development, and survey programming.


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