A Countertop Company Understands their Ad Campaigns Using Pre & Post Ad Test: 2 Surveys and Focus Groups


A high-end quartz countertop company wanted to conduct pre and post advertising research to test the impact of their commercial campaign in the United States. The commercial aired for 6-weeks on home improvement and DIY television channels. In addition, there was a digital advertising push. The creative was developed for another country. However, the brand wanted to determine if the advertising resonated in the US prior to developing new creative.

The brand was looking to understand how its current creative resonates in a new market. The company also wanted to determine if the media spend was working. The objective of the research as to determine: 

  • How the advertisements impacted brand awareness;

  • If current media spend is driving awareness;

  • What was current brand awareness compared to the competition;

  • How customers shop for countertops;

  • Who is their ideal target.


Provoke Insights conducted focus groups in New York, Chicago and Miami to better understand the purchase decision process. The groups also determined current opinions of the commercial, and what areas of the creative needed to improve.

Provoke Insights conducted two surveys; one before the ad campaign launched, and one six weeks after the commercial aired on multiple TV networks.


The research was used to inform future advertising campaigns. The countertop company learned what areas needed improvements and what is currently working in their marketing initiatives. The brand also discovered the category has a lot of brand confusion, as many people identified with the material of the countertops rather than a brand name.

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