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Borden Dairy Gains Insight into Brand Perception

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Borden Dairy approached GutCheck with a time crunch situation: a regional advertising campaign was on the brink of launch, and the marketing team needed to know which spot would be best for their target audience. Specifically, which one would resonate the most with moms who were making the decision of the healthy beverage brand to purchase for their children? 


GutCheck met with the Borden Dairy research team, and quickly collaborated to create a discussion guide and set up Real-Time In-Depth Interviews (IDI) to be completed within 48 hours. Then GutCheck put together a panel of women with at least one child, who are the primary grocery shoppers for their household, make purchases in this beverage category at least once every other week, and live in the Southeastern US. There were two goals: first, determine a clear winner between the ad campaigns; second, gauge the overall consumer perception of this brand and the fit of the ad campaigns with the company’s core messaging.


Within the 48-hour project window, Borden Dairy was able to understand directly and clearly from the mothers who would potentially purchase the product, which ad they felt was memorable and conveyed the core benefit of the brand. The interviews also uncovered how mothers felt about the importance of their kids drinking healthy beverages and what attributes they thought about when buying those products for their families. 

Client Testimonial: 

“I want to thank you for all your help in getting this research fielded and results back today. I was able to write up a top line report and share it with the brand team, CMO and CEO this evening. They were excited to have the results from our target back so quickly!”

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