Delta Dental launched a B2C Brand


Delta Dental of Tennessee has the largest dental network in Tennessee.  As America's largest and most trusted dental benefits carrier, Delta Dental strives to communicate with potential and existing Customers on a regular basis. 

In 2012 the healthcare industry was turned upside down; as a result Delta Dental could no longer do business as usual, they had to start doing things differently. 


To strategically guide change, monitor brand awareness and continuously improve communications, Delta Dental commissioned Mindspot to conduct annual tracking studies that would deliver continuous Voice of Customer data to grow their business and meet consumer needs.



Strategic research helped Delta Dental transition from a B2B to a B2C company and succeed in the NEW marketplace.  The quantitative data also helps monitor what is important to Customers and evaluate Delta Dental’s performance on specific attributes. Delta Dental continues to track the market and look for opportunities to provide their customers the services that are most valuable to them. 

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