Gold Research Saves National Retail Chain $26,000 and 3 Months per Year in Customer Intercepts


A national retail chain with over a 1,000 stores nationwide, annually surveys shoppers in its stores to keep a pulse of their shopping experiences. Prior to working with us, they were spending 3 months to collect data, then 1 month to compile, clean and analyze data.  It would take 4 months AFTER DATA COLLECTION, before they would see their results. The client was also concerned that data was being “massaged” during cleaning.



We came in and implemented our “real-time” store intercept solution in which we put a trained surveyor in each store with a survey iPad. Our surveyors intercepted customers after they had completed their shopping experiences and administered the survey. Data entered was available for the client to see immediately in real-time.



  • Within just 3 weeks we completed fielding for all stores and submitted a detailed analysis report to the client before end of the month. So we reduced entire project time 75%, or by 3 months. 


  • We also solved the data quality issue by making data available to client in real time (as it was being entered) so that the client could immediately download raw data files and begin their preliminary analysis. 


  • An added bonus was that our costs came in $26,000 less than what they were used to paying. 


  • Above all, client was thrilled with our reporting which was very visual and engaging that they could disseminate to internal stakeholders quickly.


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Gold Research Inc. has extensive experience in deploying customer intercepts, in-store interviews, and online surveys for concept testing, marketing testing, satisfaction research, and shopper insights. We can also act as an extension of your research team in helping with data processing, analysis, report development, and survey programming.


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