The Challenge and Opportunity of B2B2C Journey Mapping


In the world of journey mapping, industries like consumer packaged goods (CPG) can present a unique challenge. CPG brands - essentially, any product that is sold in a supermarket or big box retailer - are known as B2B2C, meaning they must keep the needs of both their retailers (businesses) and their end users (customers) in mind. 


Take Proctor & Gamble, the parent company of brands like Charmin toilet paper and Crest toothpaste. P&G’s customer is a retailer like Walmart or Target, and their end consumer is the person actually buying the product. Therefore, they must consider the challenges of two different groups when they think about their product design as well as their path-to-purchase journey.  When CPG brands think about retailer needs, they must think about the volume of inventory, logistics of delivery, how the product will be displayed on the shelf, and price differentials. 


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