ÁBACO BRAZIL executes world-class field or full-service B2B/Pharma/B2C research, Qual+Quant. 2 ample HD+FocusVision Suites. Database of 460,000 MDs.


Did you know that...

...since 1975, ÁBACO® Research Brazil is AMA members’ trusted partner throughout Latin America?

Multilingual Brazilianists trained by AMA Emeritus Member Alan Grabowsky (see on LinkedIn) command superlative full-service and fieldwork with their OWN, IDEALLY LOCATED, COMPLETE QUAL/QUANT FACILITIES in SÃO PAULO

ÁBACO’s creative logistics, strict field execution, and market knowhow benefited 6000+ studies

• For PHARMA: Unique HEALTH CARE community of ALL Brazilian HCPs for unbiased representative samples among 460,000 MDs in 65 specialties, 45,000 HC administrators

• QUAL: 2 Ideally located FGI-IDI FocusVision Suites with HD Video and 50-seat-Auditorium near top hotels

• Expert Translators and Moderators specialized in Pharma, Social Media, Gamers, and B2B as well as B2C.

• QUANT: CAWI, CAPI, F2F, Mobile. in-house SPSS. Specialized Medical, Finance, ITC fieldwork in Portuguese or Spanish

• TRADE/C-SAT: Mystery shoppers in 155 Brazilian cities

• COMMUNICATION: Ad-Visor® Diagnostics with Eye-Tracking and Facial Coding

• BIOMETRICS: Always testing and adapting latest technologies

• AIVO: AI-Powered Visual Optimizer for better web pages, ads, packaging

SPECIALTIES: “Marketing Due Diligence” for M&A’s, “Roaming Ethnography”, “In-Depth Mystery Shop”, Brand-Tracking, and unique Strategic Insights

ÁBACO’s "Full-Sourcing" of multi-country fieldwork relieves overburdened global project managers

Call on ÁBACO’s bilingual USA tie-lines for sound methodology ideas or fast quotes

Request “ÁBACO BBB”: Brazil Business Bulletins full of useful market data and emerging opportunities, or a 2020 Brazil Calendar to guarantee a realistic project timeline.

Facility Photo Gallery

Facility Details

  • Location: Famous location near SP Hotels
  • Building Type: Secure Building in Safest Area
  • Facility Features: Catering facilities, Client lounge, High-definition TV, Office services, Onsite parking, Recording - Digital, Recording - Video, Separate client entrance, Video-conferencing, Video-streaming, Wireless Internet
  • Travel time from airport: 45 mins
  • Travel time from downtown: 1 mins
  • Recruiting capabilities: Have fully-profiled database of every Brazilian Health Care professional, including 460,000 MDs. Access to 60+ Medical specialties, Executives, Consumer public facilitated by ideal location with all transport, hotel, and service resources within a few steps. Multilingual recruiters.
  • Recruiting area: Throughout Brazil

Facility Rooms

Room types Dimensions Capacity Observation capacity
Focus Group
Viewing Room
20X12 10 9
Client Lounge
Focus Group
Viewing Room
15X10 8 17
Product Testing Lab
40X28 50 10

Contact Details

Email : Send an email

Telephone : +5511-3262-3300

Key Personnel
Alan S. Grabowsky
Owner / President & AMA Emeritus Member
(+55-11) 3262-3300
Calvin Dart
International Project Manager
(+55-11) 3262-3300
International Capabilities