We translate our clients' business goals into research that delivers real value. We are strategic partners comfortable with numerous research types.


ADLC helps companies optimize for their current or desired customers. This starts by deeply understanding our clients' business goals, and partnering with them at a strategic level to develop a research plan that will gather the right information to make decisions. We are highly flexible across numerous research methodologies such as surveys, online and offline qualitative research, focus groups, and online analytics tools. We also have deep technical skills in statistics, automation, and analysis. Our roots are in startups and we love working with lean, scrappy teams that like to get things done. We also have experience working with teams at larger companies to inject fresh insights throughout their organization. Some of the business problems we've helped our clients with: - New product development - Latent demand landscaping - Market segmentation - Market evaluation (including international) - Product/concept evaluation - Feature/benefit optimization - In-home use / extended use trials - Taste testing and food product optimization - Employee satisfaction - Customer satisfaction - Net Promoter Score (NPS) - Customer experience optimization - Customer segmentation - App/website testing and improvements - Business development / pitch support - Whitepaper and eBook development - Public relations infographics - Public relations / content marketing statistics - And many more! Please let us know how ADLC can partner with you!

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