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Babbletype is the premier source for qualitative transcription services, exclusively serving the market research industry for nearly two decades (previously MRT Services) and also healthcare in the past decade. We maintain a very large team of highly skilled and experienced US based transcriptionists, offering quality reports with confidentiality intact. Content analysis, sort-able Excel audio to text analysis, multi-levels of summarization are our breakout services from over the last few years and we are the industry go-to for volume needs. Every report we sell is manually typed and independently triple-checked for accuracy. We do not rely on outsourcing or software. Uploading is easy and free. We come highly recommended in our space for understanding deadlines, budget, and customer care. Management is 100% present and adults are in charge. Babbletype regularly supports all MR organizations. Visit us online via website, email, or call 888-678-7782 for a fast and simple quote today. Mention Greenbook as where you found us!

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Company type:
  • Qualitative Research Services
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(888) 678-7782
(888) 268-1735
1 International Plaza
Suite 550
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19113
United States of America
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Turkey
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Products (1)

ProductImage Content Analysis or Structured Document Services

The biggest problem in qualitative research is time. Transcripts are certainly a researcher's friend when little to no time was spent in note-taking along the way. Interviews and focus groups generate enormous volumes of raw content, and the time required to pour through it all — mining, coding, extracting, combining, sorting — is a major impediment to finishing projects on time and on budget. Babbletype’s transcription and additional structured document services handle all this work for you, so you can achieve much faster reporting on increasingly smaller budgets. Structured document products aren't just more concise transcripts — they are all of your responses in a single document, with all the answers from all of your interviews in one place, organized by question and categorized by answer. If you’re working on a long project with many interviews, you’ll end up with one summary now to review, in one rich, concise data set. You can even see a first cut, so you can see where your data is heading before field work is even done. Visit for more info.


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