W uncover deep human insights and build powerful brand strategies around them for some of the world's most iconic global brands.


At Brandgarten, we believe people don't by "things" they buy the story about the thing. Brandgarten was founded in 2005 to help brands tell meaningful stories. We uncover deep human insights and build powerful brand strategies around them. We've developed brand strategies for some of the world’s most iconic brands. We now know that 95% of decision-making is driven by “System 1” non-conscious drivers. For 100 years, marketing and market research have been speaking to the 5% (System 2 thinking). Brandgarten connects the heart of your brand with the soul of your consumer. As consumers, the brands we choose tell the story of who we are. At the deepest level, we identify with stories that are universal. Hero stories help us feel achievement. Regular Guy stories help us feel belonging. When you align your core brand story with an archetypal story, your employees and consumers feel a very specific emotion. Brandgarten is an expert in using archetypes to help brands connect at a deep emotional level.

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