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Culturati is a cross-cultural market research firm with extensive capabilities in the General Market and Multicultural spaces. We are known for our Hispanic expertise and our breakthrough Hispanic Segmentation Model, which goes beyond demographics, incorporating attitudes and values. We deliver consumer and shopper insights, deeply grounded in cultural understanding, that inspire successful marketing strategies and product innovation. Quantitatively, our expertise includes Customer Segmentation, New Product Development, Pricing Optimization, Advertising Copy Testing and Consumer Loyalty. Online, we offer the same level of service via our U.S. Hispanic online research community, the Learning Incubator™, a robust platform which enables innovative, quality research that yields actionable solutions with quick turnarounds. In addition, we provide high quality and cost efficient online Hispanic sample on an ad-hoc basis. Culturati’s solid track record in delivering market intelligence with a total market approach coupled with over 85 years of collective multicultural research experience, has positioned us as an approved supplier for many fortune 100 companies.

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Vice President - Client Strategy & Insights
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