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Flagship Research Inc.

Company Description

It's all about quality recruiting. Flagship records every recruiting call. A full-time staff member listens to and archives each recording as validation of the recruit. These recordings are available to you at any time, before and after your groups, and you are welcome to share them with your client. This can be very helpful when clients are concerned about the qualifications of a respondent or when a respondent from a client list has complained about the recruiting call. In addition to our San Diego area facility and recruiting, we also manage and recruit projects nationwide, with an emphasis on medical recruiting. We are between a Hilton Hotel (3 doors away) and a Sheraton Hotel (6 doors the other side). Much bigger large conference room, and double the parking. And still close to the airport. We’ve installed a much larger kitchen for CLT taste test projects, with four microwaves on independent circuits and commercial grade refrigeration, commercial freezer, and reverse osmosis system. Also, we have installed a UX system at our San Diego office, since health care clients often test products in human factors settings. We have two labs, each equipped with five Ultra HD cameras, production (TV studio) level recording systems, and superior display and streaming capabilities.

For video options, we have built a high definition capability to replace standard definition recording for focus groups and IDIs. Our package includes recording to a cloud service (Go To Meeting) that allows your clients to view in real time (live video streaming similar to FocusVision), to view on demand at a later time, and to download and archive their recordings. We are offering this service at $125 per IDI or $200 per group, max $750 per room per day. Standard definition video recording is available, if preferred. Please note standard definition video recording does not include live video streaming.

Here is a short video of our UX system using multiple HD cameras.

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Company type:
  • Data Collection
  • Focus Group Facility
  • Recruiting
(888) 849-4827
(619) 849-1112
1011 Camino Del Rio South
Suite 405
San Diego, California, 92108
United States of America
Metropolitan Area:
San Diego (CA)
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Facility Details

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Facility Details

Location: Uptown
Building type: Office building
Travel time from airport: 10 min
Travel time from downtown: 10 min
Recruiting capabilities: • Usability Labs • Focus Group Facility • Test Kitchen • Recruiting for Focus Groups, One-on-One's, Music Studies • Central Location Tests • Mock Juries • Hispanic Recruiting • Medical Recruiting • Store Audits • Product Placements • Intercept Interviews • Mystery Shopping • Car Clinics • Customer/Employee Satisfaction • Web-based interviewing • Project Management, National and International

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