Expert qualitative and quantitative data collection services with focus group facilities located across the US.


Focus Pointe Global sets the industry standard for high-quality qualitative and quantitative marketing research data collection services. FPG owns and operates state-of-the-art focus group facilities in key markets nationwide with fielding available in any US city. The FPG QualPanel™ includes consumers, business leaders, medical professionals, patients, and caregivers who represent a vast array of existing and emerging demographics. No matter the methodology, Focus Pointe Global recruits from over 1.6 million op-in panelists to provide articulate, engaged respondents who match the unique demographics you require.

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Facility Details

  • Location: Suburban
  • Building Type: Office Building
  • Travel time from airport: 15 mins
  • Travel time from downtown: 15 mins
  • Recruiting area: see website

Facility Rooms

Room types Dimensions Capacity Observation capacity
Focus Group
16X32 20 5
Focus Group
20X24 14 10
Focus Group
18X21 12 10
Focus Group
18X18 12 10
Focus Group
16X21 12 10
16X46 38 5
Test Kitchen
16X23 0 0

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Telephone : 614.781.5590

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