Field management covering SOUTH FLORIDA,CARIBBEAN,CUBA & LATAM, since 1985 in both Qualitative and Quantitative.


A dedicated consumer research primary data collection company. Combined with 40 years plus experiences of research and data collection in South Florida. Also covering: CUBA,BAHAMAS,CURACAO,HAITI,DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, PUERTO RICO,ST LUCIA,BARBADOS,ARUBA,ST MAARTEN GRENADA, ANGUILA, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO AND MORE.... Services: Field Management, web-based/Internet interviewing, of line/Tablets instant data collection, Panel builder, B2B, Mall intercepts, Street intercepts, Door-to-Door, Street Festivals, Taste Tests, Focus Groups, Moderating - Hispanic (Multi-lingual). Political Polling. We go anywhere you need or want to collect data for marketing research. We have our own field staff with years of experiences. Call us for more info.

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Morvin Isidora
Managing Partner/Director Field Operation
954 560 3760
Ludivia Marin
Colombia Operational Manager
Ludivia Marin
Colombia Region Director
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