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heads up is unique in its approach to qualitative, given it is built on a team of qualitative moderators. We thrive on being better together - both working with Clients and with each other. Besides the tried and true focus groups, we can consider doing 'focus groups on foot', or Personal Pyramids to create new positionings. We love co-creation qual - using an Extreme Exchange or IdeaSwap. We test concepts without order bias or boredom, using SpeedDating. We dive deeply into anthropological insights using in-person and digital ethnography. Our unique structure of a team of experienced moderators, with diverse and complementary skills, allows us to provide clients with a more customized approach to solve their problems or capture opportunities - using one moderator or more at a time. We pride ourselves in doing great research AND creating presentations that inspire action within organizations. We are experienced in moving consumer learning into new directions for Brands strategically. We use our BrandDestiny process to get a room of stakeholders to define a brand's new future - with ends up all on one page :) Clients also use us to run innovation sessions, sometimes with whole divisions at a time. We approach each project with a fresh take on what has been, and what could be. At heads up, we embrace each project with full commitment, passion, and fun, making the journey as rewarding as the outcomes. We have a 100% repeat rate, with our clients building long-term relationships with us, even as they move companies.

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