KL Communications is an online collaborative research agency specializing in Co-creation Communities through its proprietary CrowdWeaving™ service.


An Online Community should be more than just a listening post. As one of the first online research companies, we aren’t just an online platform. We’re pioneers of the online community industry. We use our expertise as thought leaders to provide our clients with top-notch resources and results. We are helping to drive the future of online communities. We lead the way in blending innovative and traditional market research through our co-creation communities, creating a collaborative online environment where brands can interact with customers & prospects to find out what drives them. At the center of our Co-creation Communities is our proprietary CrowdWeaving™ service. CrowdWeaving empowers your customers to guide & inspire your product ideation. If you want to tap into the wisdom of crowds, you need to allow them to think for themselves and be willing to accept their insights. That’s why customer co-creation is at the heart of every KLC online community. CrowdWeaving™ is KLC’s proprietary co-creation process that weaves together brainstorming, idea development, community engagement, concept design, and evaluation. CrowdWeaving is the engine that powers the ability to bring customer co-creation to online communities. The CrowdWeaving module is seamlessly integrated into our award winning online community platform.

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