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Company Description

MerKadoTeknia Research and Consulting LLC empowers its clients by providing nationwide consulting services, training and workshops on Hispanic Marketing Strategy. As a valued partner to advertising agencies and their clients, MKT participates in the crafting of marketing strategy for national brands, advising on aspects of social media, branding, advertising, and audience segmentation, content transcreation, among others. Our team manages qualitative and quantitative research projects from start to finish. From advising clients as to the most efficient and effective methodology, to crafting strategic insights reports that guide decision-making, we provide a “one-stop” solution to our clients’ needs. We are 100% English-Spanish bilingual and can navigate the Hispanic cultural landscape armed with a deep understanding of the Hispanic consumer’s decision process. Bilingual moderators and interviewers are experienced in projectve techniques effective with Hispanic audiences of various nationalities, language abilities and acculturation levels. Our capabilities also include design of quantitative research tools, quantitative data collection, analysis and report writing.

Company type:
  • Qualitative Research Consultant / Moderator
  • Qualitative Research / Focus Group Facility
  • Quantitative Research Services
(915) 317-9264
4141 Pinnacle
Suite #220
El Paso, Texas, 79902
United States of America
Countries where research is conducted:
United States of America
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Facility Details

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Facility Details

Location: 4141 Pinnacle #220, El Paso TX
Building type: Office complex
Facility features: Client lounge, High-definition TV, Office services, Onsite parking, Recording - Audio, Recording - Digital, Recording - Video, Video-streaming, Wireless Internet
Travel time from airport: 20 min
Travel time from downtown: 10 min
Recruiting capabilities: Hispanics; Spanish-speakers and Spanish/English bilinguals all levels of proficieny; cross-border consumers (Mexicans who shop in the USA); Mexican nationals; military and military families; healthcare providers; low income; women all ages; senior citizens; educators; patients: diabetes, blood pressure, sleep disorders; college students; casino patrons; retail shoppers; real estate agents
Recruiting zipcodes/postcodes: nationwide

Facility Rooms

Room types
Observation capacity
Client Lounge
10X13 Feet
Viewing Room
13X18 Feet
Focus Group
13X12 Feet
Focus Group
13X14 Feet

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