MarketLens brings innovation to the innovation process with segmentations, concept testing, package testing, and creative testing.


Fierce market dynamics and changing customer preferences have changed the way current products are enhanced and new products are developed. MarketLens provides advanced, custom research through cost-effective solutions that help you build robust innovation pipelines - quickly. We uncover critical data in revolutionary ways to bring innovation to the innovation process. We drive innovation through state-of-the art market research, including segmentation, rapid concept testing, in-depth concept testing, package testing, and creative testing: MarketLen’s Segmentation boosts your ROI and makes your marketing efforts more worthwhile. We identify your target market by unlocking unique distinctions of your ideal buyer persona. MarketLens’ Rapid Concept Testing narrows down your ideas so that you can decide which concepts to move forward in your development process. MarketLens’ In-Depth Concept Testing optimizes your concepts so that they can reach their full potential. MarketLens’ Package Testing evaluates how well your packaging stands out from the competition and reinforces your core brand values. MarketLens’ Creative Testing measures the stopping power of your campaign. Whether you are a market disruptor or a market defender, MarketLens has your market covered. Industries that we serve include: beverages, consumer packaged goods, education, financial services, food service, government, health, household cleaners, household products, insurance, nonprofits, personal care, beauty, fragrances, cosmetics, pet supplies, public services, restaurants, retail, technology, and travel & hospitality. Answer your toughest innovation questions with smarter and faster market research with MarketLens.

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