Robust method design, data collection, and analytics. We serve market research companies and departments to enhance your offerings.


Nova Insights provides a variety of services to other research companies. We act as your support staff, behind the scenes. You remain front-facing to your client - we simply enhance your offerings, or allow for greater efficiencies so you can take on more projects.

We offer any or all steps along the project spectrum, including:

  • Method and instrument design
  • Robust and engaging online survey data collection
  • Strong telephone data collection partnerships
  • Data processing and cross-tabulations formatted to be analytic-friendly
  • Engaging, action-oriented reporting

  • The powerful logic capabilities of our online survey tool, and the various designs and question types help keep our respondents engaged in the survey for better completion rates. We can also integrate MaxDiff exercises into surveys and use or provide the rescaled scores for powerful analyses.

    We have decades of experience processing simple and complex datasets. We can produce your crosstabs in an easy-to-read and easy-to-manage format. We can even integrate MaxDiff utilities into the tabs. The most commonly preferred format is Excel, and we take the extra time to make the output more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional for the reader.

    In reporting, we go beyond just reporting the data - we dig deep into the findings using our experience and advanced interpretive and analytic skills to tell the story behind the data.

    From customer or employee engagement surveys to membership or general market surveys, Nova Insights helps organizations understand their audience by providing reliable evidence through sophisticated analytic techniques with interpretation that can be understood and acted upon.

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