Olson Research offers qualitative and quantitative market research services with unique access to more than 2.4 million HEALTHCARE DECISION MAKERS.


Olson Research Group has been supporting the life sciences sector for more than 24 years by providing exceptional qualitative and quantitative market research services and harnessing the latest technological offerings. What drives our deliverables is our proprietary database of more than 2.4 million HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, PAYERS and PATIENTS who represent all corners of the healthcare space. The database is continually refreshed with new participants and thus differs from static panels that reach out to the same respondents repeatedly. The industry-experienced professionals housed in both our East Coast and West Coast offices have on average 10+ years of industry experience. We proudly provide a full spectrum of services, from pure fieldwork/recruitment to the full execution of projects; from survey design to analytical outputs, using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

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