Pollfish is a market research solution that provides higher quality insights, delivered faster, and at a lower cost than traditional providers.


Pollfish is a market research solution that merges Organic Sampling, a next-generation sampling methodology, with modern technology to provide higher quality insights, delivered faster, and at a lower cost than traditional market research providers. Our methodology: Organic Sampling is our next-generation sampling methodology that relies on native integration with partnered apps, an AI-driven fraud prevention mechanism, and a global network of real consumers who take surveys in the apps they are already engaged in. Using a double opt-in invitation, real consumers who are determined to fit the targeting criteria are invited at random to complete surveys within the mobile apps in which they are already engaged. These naturally occurring responses offer instantaneous and uncompromised data from an unbiased audience, and, with our proprietary machine learning algorithm monitoring respondent activity at the question level, only qualified responses are passed on to you. Due to our audience reach, response rate, and without the onboarding costs associated with traditional panels, we are able to provide these superior quality insights at a much lower cost than alternative providers. We've accurately predicted the outcomes of some of the major political events of our time where others failed, including the 2016 US Presidential Election, Brexit, and the Greek Budget Referendum. We know our data quality is high and we're happy to prove it—we have nothing to hide. We offer all demographic information about respondents at the completion of the survey at no additional cost to you. Get in touch to get real insights.

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