Probe Healthcare ( ) offers proprietary online physicians / healthcare panel in USA ,UK, Canada, Australia and APAC countries.


Probe Healthcare ( ) is focused in life sciences, Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices market research and data collection solutions with offices in United Kingdom and India and coverage across US, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, Africa, India , China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries with approximately 250+ combined Human years of experience in conducting Qualitative and Quantitative researches among Physicians, Nurses, Payers, Pharmacists, Lab Managers, Purchase Managers/Directors, Patients and C-level executives.

Physician’s Panel = 375,000+ Physicians..

Allied Healthcare professionals Panel = 250,000+ Allied HCP's.

C-Suite = 95,000+ C-Level executives.

Patients Panel = 275,000+ Patients and Care giver's panel .

We at Probe healthcare believe in high quality project management and adhere to norms and guidelines of ESOMAR and CASRO.

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