Qic is a smart, creative, and youth-focused qualitative research agency intent on delivering a contextual understanding of consumers to clients.


What sets us apart is a combination of endless curiosity, passion for meaningful discovery, our youth focus and expertise, and the ability to translate learning into insights that drive brand and business success. Qualitative in Context means that our research centers on insight-rich explorations of people - their attitudes, values, and behaviors - in their natural environments, wherever that takes us: in-person or online. Our research methodologies mirror the lives of our target consumers; we go wherever, whenever, and however they are. Our goal is to provide clients an inside, in-depth, and in-context look into young people’s lives. To get to know them as people and consumers, to determine what actually motivates them, and to figure out how to honestly connect with and engage them. We bring today's teens and young adults to life by providing platforms for young people themselves to reveal the moods and motivations that animate their private, social, and consumer behaviors.

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